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The Strange Case of the Disappearing “Gay Night”
Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our High Society Editor reports: A week or so ago, information was posted in our Bangkok Bars section about a thrilling addition to the weekly social calendar. At the futuristic Bed Supperclub in trendy Sukhumvit Soi 11, Sundays were to be given over to a new “Gay Night”. For those of us who prefer champagne with our lifestyle, it sounded almost too good to be true: an opportunity for gay westerners of discernment to meet the upwardly mobile Thai of their dreams. Sharp-eyed users of this site will have noticed that, soon afterwards, all references to Bed Supperclub were removed from www.dreadedned.com. This was done at the request of the management, but their motivation is far from clear.

News of the “Gay Night” first appeared in The Nation, where Manta Klangboonkrong reported that “lots of booze” and “beautiful boys… muscled topless models” were enjoyed at the launch party by invited guests. The accompanying picture of six hunks in underwear certainly bore out Khun Manta’s description, and must have stirred gay loins throughout the land.

But at the Club’s own website, only the most anodyne information appeared, and the word “gay” was nowhere to be seen. We contacted the management, whose representative, Khun Zang, confirmed that gay party nights would be going ahead with the imaginative title "Confidential Sunday".

Then, only four days later, the same Khun Zang asked us to withdraw our listing on the perplexing grounds that “it's not really a gay night but… an alternative night for every guest”. An event launched with guests described in The Nation as screaming over brawny lads in designer knickers? That sounds a pretty gay alternative to me!

All kinds of puzzles surround the Strange Case of the Disappearing “Gay Night”. It’s hard to believe the Club had second thoughts about attaching the label “gay” to their new Sunday events, since they have made two previous attempts at launching a “Gay Night” – both of them on Sundays. The first incarnation was tagged “Think Pink”, and even featured an American drag artist whose piece de resistance was an impersonation of Cher. Not really gay?!

If they wanted to restrict “Confidential Sunday” to an exclusive clientele, why invite a national newspaper to the launch party – albeit a publication that’s known better days? Perish the thought that the management of the upscale Bed Supperclub decided a listing on this site took them too close to the hoi polloi! Or perhaps they feared our site users might include partygoers who’d somehow be just TOO gay... as if you could ever have too much of a good thing.

Whether the explanation lies in snobbery or an oddly selective kind of closeting, they’ve missed a trick in trying to avoid friends of dreaded ned getting into their Bed. We may occasionally debauch ourselves, but we’re renowned for the exquisite taste, fine manners and impeccable style with which we do it. Bring out the Bolly, say I, and here’s to Gay Abandon!

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