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bangkok gay listings by type - host bars

Pradiphat Soi 20, Pradiphat Rd
Phone: (0) 2278 - 1191
One of the first bars in the Saphan Kwai area, relocated to Soi 20 just down from Stax. Friendly staff, mostly karaoke but usually have a good selection of cute hosts.
Banana Bar
On the corner of Suriwong Road and Soi Pratuchai
Phone: (0) 8411 - 77322
This is one of two similar, welcoming bars on either side of Soi Pratuchai, as you enter from Suriwong Road. Both Banana Bar and Hot Male Bar opposite are perfectly located for a drink before you drop into Dick’s or Maxi’s for a meal or before you venture into a go go bar for the boy of your dreams. Alternatively, you can spend an hour or so here people watching, and Soi Pratuchai attracts some of the most watchable people in the Eastern World. To refresh your boggled eyes, draught Chang Beer is 100 Baht a glass, and bottled beers are 100 baht upwards. Cocktails are sold by the glass or carafe, and you can buy spirits by the glass or open a bottle. Cheapest bottle deals: Sky and Barton Vodka for 1,500 Baht. Banana stay ripe from 6:30 PM to the early hours.
2 Pradiphat Soi 17, Pradiphat Rd, Saphan Kwai
Phone: (0) 2270 - 1853
Indeed a charming place but decor a bit tired, though the serving staff are friendly. Good selection of hosts, sometimes karaoke, but not usually crowded - a lot of "home delivery".
Hot Male Bar
38 - 40 Suriwong Road, entrance in Soi Pratuchai
Phone: (0) 2236 - 1944
You can’t miss Hot Male as you stroll into Soi Pratuchai from Suriwong Road. It's on your left, and a short stop here may be just what you need to gear up for the night’s excesses in the massage and go go places that beckon. If you prefer to watch others gearing up, you’ll be happy to linger here and enjoy the promenade of exotics and eccentrics from a bar stool or comfy chair. Draught Chang Beer is 80 Baht a glass, and bottled beers start at 100 Baht. Liqueurs and spirits are sold by the glass, or you can open your own bottle: they have deals that include and exclude a supply of mixers, the cheapest of which is 1,000 Baht for 100 Pipers or local spirits with mixers. They even sell wine, which is very progressive for this sort of venue! Open 11:00 AM till the small hours. Additional phone number: (0) 2237 – 0837.
Hot Male Bar 2
Soi Pratuchai
Phone: (0) 2236 - 1944
The first three venues on the left as you approach this soi from Suriwong Road are Hot Male Bar, Hot Male A Go Go [“Charming Excited Good Looking Boy”] and their sister business, the imaginatively named Hot Male 2. Actually, the name makes sense: the drinks and prices are the same here as at Hot Male Bar, and both places offer a friendly mix of chat and people watching. Hot Male 2 also boasts an Internet Café, the obligatory TV screens, and – just in case you like to watch people bending over, holding something long – a pool table. Open 5:00 PM till late. Additional phone number: (0) 2237 – 0837.
Inter Mustache's House
23/12 Sukhumvit Soi 10
Phone: (0) 2250 - 1721
Actually in a small sub soi on the left about 150m down soi 10, this intimate host bar – with karaoke and go-go usually added - is very popular with Thais, though westerners are also welcome.
Sukhumvit Soi 40
Phone: (0) 2391 - 3386
In a nicely decorated house, this bar boasts lots of friendly and handsome hosts, and even has a pool!
Scorpion Bar
Soi Pratuchai
Phone: (0) 8464 - 70903
About half way along the soi, next to the premises vacated by Ocean Boy a go go, Scorpion is a recent addition and notable for at least a couple of reasons. First, instead of the usual night-long bombardment of disco tracks, there’s a solo singer with acoustic guitar, who performs here live – and with restraint - in the later part of most evenings. Second, this must be the only bar of its kind that’s managed by a literary celebrity… well, a literary figure, anyway. He’s Khun Chai Pinit, author of the autobiographical Bangkok Boy and one of the most vivid characters in a soi full of stars. Not only that, the prices are competitive with the other semi-open air bars nearby: draught Chang Beer is 100 Baht, and that’s the starting price for the bottled beers, too. Spirits begin at 100 Baht for 100 Pipers and local brands, and all cocktails are 180 Baht. Scorpion keeps its sting from 4:00 PM till the last boy has left the Ocean, and beyond.
2nd Floor, Shalina Hotel, Ramkhamhang Soi 65
Host bar that also has shows and karaoke most nights. The service is friendly though not everyone speaks English!
11/19 Pradiphat Soi 20, Pradiphat Rd
Phone: (0) 2278 - 5058
Formerly known as Oasis, this is a small bar with karaoke and hosts.
Talent Pub
36/5-9 Phaholyothin Soi 11
Phone: (0) 2279 - 1518
Located on the corner of Pradiphat Soi 10, large popular karaoke bar with hosts available - some are uni students and speak a bit of English.
9 Pradiphat Soi 20
Phone: (0) 2278 - 4018
Where Stax go-go and, more recently, Heaven host bar used to be, this is a small host bar, open from 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM.
Soi Pradiphat 20, Prodiphat Rd
Phone: (0) 2618 - 7325
This large bar with plush decor is a comfortable and relaxing place for a drink. Has hosts, and karaoke evey night.
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