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bangkok gay listings by type - go-go bars

Be High
11/1 Soi Laleewan, Phaholyothin Rd, Saphan Kwai
Phone: (0) 2279 - 6382
This long standing go-go bar in the Saphan Kwai area is not palatial by any means but has lots of cute guys and lots of smiles.
Boys Bangkok
38/3-6 Soi Pratuchai, Suriwong Rd
Phone: (0) 2237 - 2006
Website: www.bbb.thaiboy.net/
Located under Dream Boy, large bar with large central stage with good visibility from all the seating. Lots of dancers, also have shows (shared with Dream Boy upstairs) every night at 10:30 PM and 12:15 PM. Drink prices: first drink during first show 300 Baht; all other drinks 260 Baht. 500 Baht off fee.
Classic 2nd Boys Club
38/16-17 Soi Pratuchai, Suriwong Rd
Phone: (0) 2637 - 0069
This long-established and friendly sister venue to the Classic in Pattaya has a large glass tank where they do underwater shows as well as the regular go-go and other shows on the stage in front of the tank.
Dream Boy
38/3-6 Soi Pratuchai, Suriwong Rd
Phone: (0) 2234 - 0830 Fax: (0) 1825 - 7815
Website: www.dreamboy.thaiboy.net/
This ever popular bar has a very large central dance stage. Lots of dancers, also has shows (shared with Boys Bangkok downstairs) every night at 10:30 PM and 12:15 PM. Last report drink prices 500 Baht, and off fee 650 Baht but check at door.
Fresh Beach Boyz
894/9-10 Soi Pratuchai, Suriwong Rd
Phone: (0) 2637 - 11156
Popular bar with large stage at the back of the bar, bench seating around the wall and table seating in the center, more of a club atmosphere. Run by the owners of the now defunct Fresh Boyz just accross the soi, lots of new dancers, go-go and special shows nightly at 10:15 PM and 11:45 PM.
Golden Cock
39/27 Soi Anuman Ratchathon (off Soi Thantawan, off Suriwong)
Phone: (0) 2236 - 3859
Very small bar, has been around forever, usually fairly quiet but staff usually friendly, open early afternoon if you are at a loose end after lunch!
Heart Beat Club
37/15-17 Suriwong Road, "Soi Wall Street".
Phone: (0) 8515 - 70672
Here’s a new business in an unexpected location: this soi is on the Patpong side of Suriwong Road, with the Sarika Restaurant on one corner and a sign for the Wall Street Inn over the entrance. Up to now, “Soi Wall Street” has seemed full, not of banks but of restaurants and girlie venues targeted at Japanese customers. Heart Beat is a go-go boy bar with disco lighting and karaoke rooms upstairs. Open nightly from 8:30 PM to 2:00 AM. Shows are staged at 11:00 PM and 12.30.
Hot Male
38/40 Suriwong Rd (entrance in soi)
Phone: (0) 2235 - 3876
A Bangkok institution for seedyness when it was known as Twilight, now only slightly more upmarket with a slightly brighter layout so little of the old ambiance remains but there is a larger selection of dancers. Have special shows nightly. Also has a popular outdoor bar on its terrace.
Jupiter 2002
Thaniya Soi 2 (actually off Suriwong Rd)
Phone: (0) 8161 - 72163
Website: www.jupiter2002.com
Popular upmarket bar opposite the Suriwong Hotel coffee shop. Trendy decor, two levels, with bar, seating and go-go stage downstairs. Upstairs, there is more seating and balconies overlooking the bar and stage. Jupiter has an excellent selection of go-go dancers and its shows are among the most popular in Bangkok.
Ocean Boy
894/4-6 Soi Pratuchai, Suriwong Rd
Phone: (0) 2637 - 0507
CURRENTLY CLOSED, but the small host bar on the terrace outside is still in action.
Screw Boy Bar
Patpong Soi 2
Incongruously located among the girlie venues of Patpong, this free and easy go-go bar has shows and a selection of uninhibited guys who usually enjoy mingling with the customers. Drinks 200 Baht, but that may be negotiable!
2/2 Soi Thantawan (off Suriwong)
Phone: (0) 2634 – 5833
Website: www.tawanbarbangkok.com
Popular bar specialising in musclemen that is celebrating its 25th Anniversary in 2011. Spectacular muscleman and other shows nightly. Some loyal customers return year after year and seem to spend half their Thai vacations at the Tawan, insisting it’s one of the very best bars in town.
X Boys
Soi Pratuchai, Suriwong Rd
Phone: (0) 89162 - 7652
Part of the X Group - where Boys Bangkok used to be. Still all black and chrome interior with large central stage, good selection of dancers, special shows nightly.
X Size
Soi Pratuchai, Suriwong Rd
Phone: (0) 4912 - 2686
Yet another bar from X Group, upstairs above the open-air pool bar next to Dream Boy, shares the same show and some of the same dancers as X Boys. Open from 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM, with shows at 11:00 PM and 12.15.
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